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「聖女安琪小傳」 之三
"St. Angela Merici - Leading People to God" Part 3

 一九二五年,教宗宣布該年為禧年,而當時的羅馬城正遭遇外敵與瘟疫的危害。安琪不畏險阻,決心到羅馬朝聖,因為凡在禧年到羅馬朝聖且至四座主要的聖殿祈禱者,就可以獲得禧年的特別降福,她想獲得這份降福。她也想恭敬殉道者的聖髑,拜訪他們位於地下的陵墓。 In 1525, which the Pope had declared to be a Jubilee year, the city of Rome was fighting both its enemies and the plague. Angela wasn't afraid of these dangers. She decided to make a pilgrimage to Rome. She wanted to receive the special blessings of the Jubilee year given to pilgrims who visited and prayed at the four major basilicas. She wanted to honor the relics of the martyrs and visit their graves down in the catacombs.
在羅馬停留的二週內,她與教宗有趟私人的拜會,但當教宗問道「妳願意考慮留在羅馬,並擔任孤兒院的院長嗎?」,安琪婉拒了這份邀請,她懷著喜樂回到了碧夏市,因為她明白不久後她將組織她神視中的團體。 During the two weeks that she spent in Rome, she had a personal visit with the Pope. But when the Pope asked her, "Would you consider staying in Rome to be director of an orphanage?" Angela humbly excused herself. She happily went back to Brescia, because she knew that she had to form her Company soon.
 更有一次她替惡紳路易‧鞏薩崗(Louis Gonzaga)的僕人說情,這個僕人不知作錯了什麼而被狠很的處罰,安琪替他向主人請求手下留情。受到聖神的感召,她的言語說服了路易原諒那個僕人,免除了他的處罰。安琪不怕困難權勢,再一次成功地完成使命。 Another time she obtained a pardon for a servant of Louis Gonzaga, a harsh nobleman. The servant was being very severely punished for something wrong and try to persuade him to be merciful. Her words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, convinced Louis to forgive the man and release him from the punishment. Angela wasn't afraid to go on this difficult mission. And once again, she succeeded.
 但安琪服務最多的還是婦女們,她們向安琪傾訴煩憂,安琪也會給予她們睿智的建議。就這樣,她將愛與平安帶進了夫妻關係、親子關係及手足親情之中。 But Angela was best at helping other women. They would talk to her about their problems. And she would give them wise advice. In this way she helped bring love and peace to husbands and wives, children and parents, brothers, sisters, and cousins.
  每當婦女們談到關於年輕女子的問題時,她們忍不住催促著安琪採取些行動。「碧夏市的年輕女子飽受危險,生活在暴力之中,安琪姐妹,我們得做些事情來幫助她們!」  As they talked of the problems facing younger girls, many women urged Angela to do something. "The young women of Brescia are suffering from the dangers that come with living in the middle of violence. Sister Angela, we must do something to help them!"
無論是貧是貴,安琪歡迎所有來拜訪她的婦女們,她溫柔的言語給了婦女們一道曙光。「安琪姐妹,我的女兒老是沉迷在衣飾與宴會之中……」「不必太心急!告訴她耶穌要成為她最好的朋友。」 Angela welcomed all the women who came to her; the poor as well as the rich. Her gentle words gave them so much light. "Sister Angela, my girl is only interested in clothes and parties…" "Be patient! Tell her Jesus wants to be her best friend."
  一五二九年,碧夏市將要捲入一場戰役,安琪與許多人暫時得到鄰近克里孟那鎮 (Cremona) 避難,當他們在那兒時,她的朋友思定‧迦洛(Augustine Gallo)對於從早到晚穿流不息的人潮來拜訪安琪,而安琪總是和靄相待的情景感到印象深刻。來訪的人有男的有女的,有年輕的也有年老的,還有任職宮廷者,甚至連米蘭公爵都來向安琪請益,尋求慰藉。後來許多人都開始度一個中悅天主的生活。  Brescia expected to be invited in another war in 1529. Angela and many other people had to escape for a while to the nearby town of Cremona. While they were there, her friend Augustine Gallo was impressed by Angela's kindness toward the amazing number of people who came to visit her from morning till night. Men and women of all ages, members of the court, and even the Duke of Milan, came to Angela for advice and a word of comfort. The result was that many people began to live in ways more pleasing to God.
碧夏市回復了平靜,難民也回到家鄉了。安琪受邀與迦洛家族同住一段時間。但是來向安琪求援的人太多了,需要一個地方來接待他們,安琪便搬到聖阿法教堂的隔壁,靠近噴泉的一幢公寓裡。 What it was peaceful in Brescia again, the refugees went home. Angela accepted an invitation to live with the Gallo family for a while. Then, needing a space to welcome the many people who were coming to her for help, she moved to an apartment near the public fountain, next to Saint Afra's Church.
此時,她也準備好開始著手姐姐吉亞納‧瑪利亞在神視中所告訴她的計劃,對於團體的組成蓄勢待發,當中的成員將會協助她照料碧夏市的年輕女子。  Now she was ready to begin the project Gianna Maria had told her about in the vision. She was ready to found her company. Its members would help her to care for young girls in Brescia.


她以「聖吳甦樂」為這個團體命名,聖吳甦樂是一位殉道貞女,為了堅持對耶穌基督的信仰勇敢捨命,她的懿行感召了許多人。在威尼斯,安琪看到了許多關於聖吳甦樂與其同伴的大幅畫像,她決定將她們作為團體中年輕女子們效法的對象。她們需要有這位殉道聖人的悍衛信仰的勇氣,當她們為了耶穌的緣故,完全地獻上自己,卻同時又生活在人群中。 She would give this Company the name of Saint Ursula, a martyr whose courageous death for her faith in Jesus had inspired many people. In Venice Angela had seen several large paintings of Saint Ursula and her companions.She decided they would be good role models for her Company of young women. They would need the strength of the martyrs' faith as they dedicated themselves completely to Jesus, while continuing to live among the people.
 效法安琪,這個團體中的女子都選擇獨身,因為她們已將自己的心獻給耶穌了。她們按照福音的教導生活,如同耶穌當年教導門徒一般,她們特別努力去愛每個人。   Like Angela, the members of the Company chose not to marry because they gave their hearts to Jesus. They would try to live according to the Gospel, as Jesus taught his first followers. They would especially try to love everyone.
這個團體與安琪同心合力幫助年輕的女孩脫離街頭的危險,既有這個團體導引她們、保護她們,許多女孩將學習到如何信任自己,她們也開始過聖善的生活,找到有益的工作。  Together with Angela they would help young girls to escape the dangers of the streets. With the Company to guide and protect them, many of these girls would learn to believe in themselves. They would begin to lead good lives and find useful work to do.
 因為這群女子所成立的團體在教會內是個新的嘗試,所以她們需要一套新的生活守則。安琪口述了這些守則,由律師好友卡布瑞里‧柯薩諾(Gabriel Cozzano)記錄下來。「安琪姆姆,妳的團體什麼時候正式成立呢?」卡布瑞里問道。「就在聖加大利納慶節,她可是我最喜愛的聖人之一!」 Because these women would be the start of something new in the Church, they would need a new Rule of life. Angela dictated the Rule to her lawyer friend Gabriel Cozzano. He wrote it down for her. "Mother Angela, when will your Company officially begin?" Gabriel asked. "On the Feast of St. Catherine, who is one of my favorite saints!"
 一五三五年十一月二十五日是聖加大利納的慶節,二十八位女子正式聚集在一起成立聖吳甦樂會。彌撒過後,每個人在登錄簿上簽上名字,這是她們願按新會規生活的承諾,她們是吳甦樂會員,短短四年內,人數增加為一百五十人。 On the feast of Saint Catherine, November 25, 1535, twenty-eight women joined to begin the Company of Saint Ursula. After attending Mass together, each one wrote her name in the Book of the Company. This was their promise to live according to the new Rule. The members were called Ursulines. After only four years there were 150 of them!
 她們在安琪的寓所內聚會,一起祈禱一起分享如何在生活中彼此幫忙齊往天主邁進。因為她們樹立的好榜樣,碧夏市的許多家庭受到她們的啟發起而效尤。不久後她們甚至還會幫忙教會。大部份的吳甦樂會員都有工作,當她們一起聚會時,安琪會安排一段時間讓他們談談每天的生活,然後,一起祈禱一起學習,安琪盡力營造歡樂的氣氛。她們的穿著簡單,每日參與彌撒,之後回到各人家裡繼續祈禱。  They would meet with Angela in her apartment to pray together and share ideas about how to help each other in the life they were leading for God. By their good example, they were an inspiration to other families in Brescia. And soon enough they would help even the Church. Most of the Ursulines had jobs. When they came together for meetings, Angela gave them time to talk about their everyday lives, to pray and to learn. She made sure that they had fun together. They dressed simply, attended daily Mass, and prayed afterward at home.
安琪訓練當中的一些婦女成為領導人,這些領導人要到每個吳甦樂會員的家中拜訪,她們關心這些會員們的生活是否無恙,也會給她們一些建議好能夠生活的更肖似耶穌。 Angela trained some of these women as leaders. The leaders would visit each Ursuline at home. They would give her good advice about trying to live like Jesus and would make sure she was all right.
 隨著時間的流逝,安琪老了,身體也大不如前,她病了。她最後的時日都是用來口述她的想法與教導給好友卡布瑞里並由他記錄下來,這些內容是要留給未來聖吳甦樂會的領導婦女。 Angela was getting old and weaker. She became very ill. She spent her last days dictating to her friend Gabriel the holy thoughts and instructions that she wanted to leave the women in charge of the Company.
她迫切渴望她們能活在愛中,一心一德、精誠團結、忠實到底,她囑咐她們,「妳們要如同慈母一般,關心精神上的女兒,並盡心教導她們」,她也承諾她們,「天主會照料妳們,我在天上,永遠是妳們最忠實的朋友」。 She urged them to live in love, united with one heart and will, and to be faithful. She told them, "You must be like loving mothers, caring for your spiritual daughters and teaching them with devotion." She promised them, "God will help you. And I will always be your faithful friend in heaven."
 安琪的最後勸言為,「現在,我將離去。願你們得到安慰,保持活潑的信德與希望。但是,我願你們先接受降福,因父及子及聖神之名,阿們。」  Angela's last words were, "Now I am leaving you. Be consoled and have a lively faith and hope. But first, I want you to be blessed in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."
 在一五四○年,一月 27 日星期二下午三點三十分,安琪蒙主恩召。身上穿著的是咖啡色的長袍,她的遺體被移往聖阿法教堂。教堂上方有顆明星閃爍徘徊了三個晚上,遺體在教堂放了一個月,但絲毫沒有腐敗的跡象,事實上,她的肌膚還是柔軟富有彈性的。有個畫家來為她作幅遺像,這幅畫作呈現出安琪安息主懷的面貌,臉上散發著神聖的光輝。今日安琪的遺體依舊安放在聖阿法教堂,美麗的玻璃棺木就位在祭台上方,人們稱之為聖安琪‧梅芝的祭台。 At 3:30 P.M. on Tuesday, January 27, 1540, Angela died. Dressed in her brown robe, her body was carried to the Church of Saint Afra. For three nights a brilliant star shone over the church. Her body remained in the church for thirty days, but without any sigh of decay. In fact, her skin stayed soft. An artist came to paint her. His painting shows her in the peaceful sleep of death. Her face seems to glow with holiness. Today her body lies in a beautiful glass case above an altar in Saint Afra's Church - known as the Shrine of Saint Angela Merici.
安琪去世後,聖吳甦樂會持續茁壯與拓展視野,從義大利開始,然後遍及各大洲,將福音廣揚世界各個角落。部分安琪的追隨者後來成了聖吳甦樂修會。  After Angela's death, the company of Saint Ursula grew and spread, first throughout Italy, then to every continent. Ursulines have brought the Gospel all over the world. Some of Angela's followers became known as the Order of Saint Ursula.
 今日的聖吳甦樂會士在學校、教區、大專院校、醫院、監獄和許多其他需要她們服務的地方。她們努力效法安琪,全心信賴那愛她們的主耶穌,並尋找各種方式去服務他人。 Today Ursulines serve in schools, parishes, colleges, hospitals, prisons, and many other places where people need their help. They try to live as Angela did - trusting in God who loves them and looking for ways to serve others.
 她們隨時準備著與人分享她們的才能與愛,依靠主耶穌並且牢記安琪的許諾:「我自己會在你們中間,為你們祈禱。」  Ready to share their talents and their love, they rely on Jesus and remember Angela's promise: "I will always be with you, helping your prayer and your work."